Hi and welcome to La Luna Doula!

My name is Meme (its pronounced like Mimi) and I’m a birth & postpartum doula as well as a photographer specialising in maternity, birth, newborn, motherhood and family photography. I’m originally from a little hippy town called Sedona in the USA, and moved to Australia in 2015 to follow my heart. I had fallen in love with a wonderful Australian man who is now my husband. I’ve been living in the Southern Gold Coast/ Northern NSW region ever since and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Why birth work?:

With a background as an international adventure travel guide and digital marketer, birth work was not the logical next step, but it was a passion that had been steadily growing for years. Eventually I realised I was spending all of my free time learning about birth, looking at birth-focused social media accounts and watching birth videos, and I decided to turn my passion into my profession. A few years, a doula training,  and a HypnoBirthing training later, here I am supporting and educating women and their partners.

And the photography?:

The photography was a secondary passion that tied in perfectly with my offerings. I found myself providing photoshoots to doula clients, and bringing my camera along to get a few professional shots at their births. Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are such poignant times in our lives, and documenting these experiences feels so important and powerful to me. 

My philosophy – protecting birth in a medicalised system:

I believe in women’s bodies, and I KNOW that the natural processes of birth function best when undisturbed. As a doula and HypnoBirthing educator, part of my role is to teach you everything I know that gives me this unwavering trust in natural birth, so that you reach that level of trust, too. From there, it’s a matter of navigating the systems in place around birthing, which is no small feat. No matter where you choose to birth, I will help you to understand what to expect and prepare you to advocate for the birth you want. As your doula, I will be with you every step of the way, holding space for you, helping you to remain grounded, and supporting your wishes for your birth. If you have a partner who will be present at the birth, I will work with him/her beforehand to be your most valuable support person and advocate, helping to ensure that this birth will bring you closer than ever before and strengthen your love for one another.